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Our members are or were active at study association GEWIS. We are a group of friends, who regularly undertake social activities together.

On this page you can find all of our members, with a photo, their function, the date they became a member and a short description to get to know each member on a more personal level!








Ouwe Dozen

Our Members


She is always available to lend you an ear if you need one! She loves to party, but she also enjoys quietly chatting and drinking tea with roommates.

Noa Bliek

Member since 30-03-2020

If you are ever in need of some creative inspiration, she is the one to ask for some advice. Furthermore, she is always into drinking a few/some drinks and is not shy of a party or two!

Sanne de Wit

Member since 30-03-2020

If you ever want to know something about different kinds of apples, she is the person you need! In the weekends she goes to Gelderland to see her parents!

Lieke Janssen

Member since 22-11-2021

Aimee takes part in spectacular dance shows! Also, she has talent for designing and solving puzzles!

Aimee Smarius

Member since 20-02-2022

A great girl that has a taste for sweet drinks and wines. She loves to do AquaHIT and Zumba at the SSC, so shake shake shake señora!

Chantal van de Luijtgaarden

Member since 27-02-2019

She is very energetic and always in for a fun activity. From movie nights to doing pub quizzes, nothing is too crazy for Sabine!

Sabine Geurts

Member since 23-02-2021

Always in for a round (skating or drinking)!

Jelte de Kock

Uilskuiken since 24-11-2022

Our dessert maker aka ‘toetjes miep’ of the group! She makes sure we can enjoy lots of different delights during meetings. She likes to work out, play board games and chat all night long.

Dionne Heuvelman

Ouwe Doos (Non-Active Member)
Member since 02-09-2018

Always an extremely enthusiastic and cheery girl with a passion for hockey! You are always welcome to make small talk, share juicy gossip or make her laugh with a good joke.

Illona Hoenderop

Ouwe Doos (Non-Active Member)
Member since 25-10-2017

She likes to play a game of tennis or chat with others. Also, she enjoys spending time with her family. She adores very sweet versions of cocktails.

Anouk Onstenk

Ouwe Doos (Non-Active Member)
Member since 07-10-2018

She is born and raised in Vlissingen and proud to be! She likes to cycle and therefore she can regularly be found in a spinning class.

Emma van de Vreugde

Ouwe Doos (Non-Active Member)
Member since 28-11-2013

Such a sweet and cheery girl, who has been a board member for Wervingsdagen. She loves to drink dark beers!

Annebelle Bunthof

Ouwe Doos (Non-Active Member)
Member since 28-11-2013

She likes to get cozy with fluffy socks, blankets and warm sweaters. She will never get tired of chatting and giggling!

Marloes Boswerger

Ouwe Doos (Non-Active Member)
Member since 28-11-2013

Super creative and can turn anything into a piece of art! She inspired lots of new ‘uilskuikens’ with her decorative buttons.

Merel Suijkerbuijk

Ouwe Doos (Non-Active Member)
Member since 03-02-2015

He likes to have beauty nights with face masks and lots of chatter. He also likes to eat French fries and lots of sweets.

Michael Philips

Ouwe Doos (Non-Active Member)
Member since 30-08-2017

The sporty one of the group, who enjoys to try different sports classes, bicycle racing and hockey! You can always drink a shot or beer together with our ‘schenk miep’.

Aukje Boef

Ouwe Doos (Non-Active Member)
Member since 28-11-2013

After being active at GEWIS, she also did a board year at the student hockey association Don Quishoot!

Jasmijn Haverhals

Ouwe Doos (Non-Active Member)
Member since 28-11-2013

Een lekker potje tennissen of een halve marathon rennen, voor haar is niets te veel!

Karin Pielage

Ouwe Doos (Non-Active Member)
Member since 28-11-2013

She likes playing board games and difficult or complicated games are no challenge for her!

Christine van Vredendaal

Ouwe Doos (Non-Active Member)
Member since 28-11-2013

Sporty and likes to do boot camps on Saturday morning! But drinking a beer during a vrijmibo is also something she enjoys.

Anne Eggels

Ouwe Doos (Non-Active Member)
Member since 28-11-2013