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Fraternity ATHENA

Here on this website you can find everything about the ATHENA, feminine fraternity of the s.v. GEWIS. So you can read about the activities we have organized, our members, find nice pictures and much more!

About Us

Who are we?

Have you ever worried about being the only woman on your new studies? Or are you just new to Eindhoven and want to make some new female friends? ATHENA is a group with (mainly) women from the study association GEWIS, with the main goal to make women feel welcome among all the men at the Mathematics & Computer Science faculty. Our members can often be found at GEWIS, for example at the weekly get-togethers and other activities. We also organize our own activities at GEWIS, which you can read more about later on!

But the most important thing is that we are a close group of friends who enjoy doing activities together. Feel free to come and have a chat with us! You can recognize us by our ATHENA clothing with our logo on it: a pink circle with an owl in it. Hope to see you soon at GEWIS or during one of our activities!

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Onze Interests

Features of ATHENA


We love to make cocktails & drink during a nice evening.


Some of us have a passion for cooking, so enough to eat!


Everything that is made must of course also be tasted!


Chatting about hobbies, interests, gossip and of course about men.


Of course, shopping clothes and other stuff is extra fun together!


Every now and then we hold beauty nights with masks, sweets and movies!